15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you

For a product, especially food or other retail goods, packaging or package is an important factor to make customers glance at your product. Especially if you are aiming for the market of children and adolescents, generally they are interested in trying a new product when it is accompanied by design stores, carts or eye-catching packaging.

The packaging isĀ desain kemasan produk coklat also important to present these products clearly. Do not let you create packaging for juice but instead counted boxes of Kleenex, and vice versa. Sekreatif design, when any message you want to convey to the customer does not appear in the design, useless.
15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you
To inspire you, here are a variety of unique packaging design, which is perhaps one of them can be used as an idea for your product.

Jooze Juice


The design is simple and typical, so it is easy to remember and draw attention. Jooze also include a straw color in accordance with the packaging in order to equip it.

Breakfast Aid

This breakfast box concept “first aid on a rumbling stomach”. Vintage, yet memorable design is easy to carry. In it already available complete one loaf with butter, jam, and his knife.



Ice cream is indeed a fondness for children. When added with packaging as funny as this, who’s not interested? They might be mengoleksinya.

ice cream cups

Wanted Snacks

Maybe potato chips in it have the same flavor, but with a packaging concept of “The Wanted” a la cowboy, they’ve got a great chance to win the attention of consumer!


Dino Gum

The packaging is designed such that permennya appears as a dinosaur tooth. More and more packed, increasingly toothless dino permennya him! (And so does your teeth!)


Not a battery …

Although a bit sidetracked, but bottles salt pepper & under this wonderful idea!

salt pepper

Hanger Tea

There is nothing as enjoyable as hot tea in the afternoon. Especially if You menyeduhnya of unique design resembling a clothes hanger. Even the tea pouches made such clothes!


Miniroll Tissue

In one roll of tissue, you will be reminded constantly by dates. Former packaging tube you can take advantage of to plant cacti. Exciting, right?


Good Day Bakery

Paper bag will never be boring if it happened like this.

paper bag

Nescafe Coffee Milk With Straw

In addition, packaging should also have more functionality. Like the packaging of Nescafe instant coffee. After the coffee being poured into a glass of hot water, and you can use the former packaging to suck up copies were produced. Slurrrp!


Panasonic Headphones

Advanced headphones from Panasonic is packaged in a symbol not of the music. To be unique and creative, it turns out the unneeded things complicated. Less is more!


Meat Shorts

Patterned pants meat from Weird Clothing is packaged as if a real meat, complete with styrofoam trays and plastic wrapping. You may be wrong thinking it was real flesh.


Anti-theft Lunch Bag

Don’t want your lunch stolen? Use plastic that trick! If you wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap, then it will look as though you’ve had lunch lunchbox rot. The thief will not be able to pick it up.


Chocolate Pills

Who likes taking medication? Of course almost all of them don’t like it. But, you will definitely love this drug. This chocolate is packed so that similar pills of the drug. This may be the only remedy that is always eaten every day!


Coconut Water

A product of nature, make it a true as possible. Even wrap the coconut water coconut shell with a real, if possible.

coconut water

It’s still an awful lot of creative packaging ideas out there. Well, have you found the ideal packaging for your product

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