Law Implementing Aqiqah

SICOM Aqiqah Akikah or in terms of religion is doomed to a new-born child as a form of gratitude to Allah SWT with intention and specific terms. By some scholars it is called nasikah or dzabihah (the slaughter).

Aqiqah itself according to the law among the Shafii and Hanbali is sunnah muakkadah. The basis used by the circle of Shafii and Hanbali with say it as sunnah muakkadah is Hadith the Prophet. That reads, “son of tergadai with aqiqahnya. The slaughter for her on the seventh day (from birth) “. (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, Hasan law emplementation aqiqahSaheeh)

The Meaning Of Aqiqah

layanan aqiqah murah malang Aqiqah word derived from the word Al-Aqqu meaning cut (Al-Qoth’u). Al-Ashmu’i argued: Aqiqah provenance is the hair on the head of the newborn child. Cut goat called the child’s hair because aqiqah is cut when the goat was slaughtered.

In the implementation is desirable for aqiqah cut two goats a well-balanced for boys and one for girls, tail.

From Ummi Kurz Al-Kabiyyah Ra, he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah said: “for boys of the same two goats, whereas for girls one goats”. (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidzy)

Aqiqah Corresponding To The Sunnah

The implementation of the agreement according to the scholars aqiqah is the seventh day of the birth. It is based on a Hadith where the Prophet Samirah said, “a child is bound to aqiqahnya. He was slain on the seventh aqiqah and given the name “. (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi).

However, if missing and could not be held on the seventh day, he could be held on the 14th day. And if not, then on day 21 or anytime he can afford. Malik said: On dzohirnya that shake on day 7 (seven) on the basis of that argument, then if the slaughter on day 4 (four) to 8 (eight), 10 (ten) or after it has been pretty Aqiqah. Because Islam is the principle makes it easy not difficult as Word of Almighty God: “God desires ease for you and placing difficulties for you”. (QS. Al-Baqara: 185)

The Meat Of Aqiqah Better Raw Or Cooked

It is recommended that the flesh was given in conditions already cooked. The hadeeth of Aisha ra, “His two goats for boys and one for girls, goats. She cooked without breaking a bone. And then eaten (by his family), and disedekahkan on the seventh day “. (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi)

Batik Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for Women

In the era of globalization this batik cloth is also undergoing development. That is where the if on previous batik cloth is only designed to be used as a sarong and a long cloth style which is usually often used by a granny. Just made a shawl or wrap worn as clothing. With the development of the era that increasingly penetrated rapidly makes typical batik Indonesia was designed and modified into a model of a very modern batik shirt and busana muslim anak abata.
Examples of Moslem women’s Batik for Lebaran
Batik Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for Women
Batik Moslem Women images for Lebaran
Batik cloth that has been transformed into a fashionable dress and high art has been worth much once we find will be a model and a different style. Batik is also has been widely used as an Alma Mater of the existing schools in Indonesia. Even many we encounter instances-agencies and big companies in Indonesia also took over to make baju batik Indonesia as one of the uniform of her Office. And even for the moment many have been menghasrukan the public to start wearing clothes typical of this beloved homeland.

Fashion trend for women’s Batik Moslem Idul Fitri holiday
It is also the one who made the designers of Moslem mengkreasikan model baju disulapnya batik be muslim attire made batik cloth. With the fashion trend of the current fashions have also been about to a wide range of various models of shirts. Have we encounter many muslim dress batik designed a model of a long muslim dress shirt, batik shirt very long pas to be worn at the time of work, until the model couple batik and batik for couples families have many fish sold in shopping malls.

Batik Moslem women’s group for the Lebaran
The latest from a muslim dress design made this batik cloth is a model of batik Moslem Idul fitri holiday. That’s where the design in addition to using batik material with all the beautiful motifs, also designed in such a way that it becomes a muslim clothes batik nuanced written and adapted to a religious celebration of Idul fitri holiday moment.

A diverse variety of innovation model of muslim dress batik suited at the feast as a model muslim dress batik dress, batik Moslem family, muslim, batik shirt model muslim dress robe made no matter now many batik hunted by the muslim homeland. Batik Moslem for specialized used on the feast of the muslim Ummah was designed by adjusting with a more formal momentnya and religion. So it is very comfortable to wear at the event or at the time of Eid prayers gathered with family to celebrate lebaran beloved together.

Design Batik Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for Women
For you fans of batik, but want to have the muslim Idul fitri holiday batik model that is very fitting for your worn by the muslim Ummah, deliberately we recommend a wonderful surrounding examples of Moslem women’s Batik for Lebaran. Our rangkumkan which also has a few pieces of sample images of muslim dress batik Indonesia that are the trend today.

So brief reviews might be useful to you a husband or expectant mothers who are choosing the appropriate clothing and idam-dreams. As other considerations we also have reviews on the collection of Muslim dress Blouse For the Feast may be another alternative for you in determining the appropriate model of muslim dress with a fashion trend model now.

15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you

For a product, especially food or other retail goods, packaging or package is an important factor to make customers glance at your product. Especially if you are aiming for the market of children and adolescents, generally they are interested in trying a new product when it is accompanied by design stores, carts or eye-catching packaging.

The packaging is desain kemasan produk coklat also important to present these products clearly. Do not let you create packaging for juice but instead counted boxes of Kleenex, and vice versa. Sekreatif design, when any message you want to convey to the customer does not appear in the design, useless.
15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you
To inspire you, here are a variety of unique packaging design, which is perhaps one of them can be used as an idea for your product.

Jooze Juice


The design is simple and typical, so it is easy to remember and draw attention. Jooze also include a straw color in accordance with the packaging in order to equip it.

Breakfast Aid

This breakfast box concept “first aid on a rumbling stomach”. Vintage, yet memorable design is easy to carry. In it already available complete one loaf with butter, jam, and his knife.



Ice cream is indeed a fondness for children. When added with packaging as funny as this, who’s not interested? They might be mengoleksinya.

ice cream cups

Wanted Snacks

Maybe potato chips in it have the same flavor, but with a packaging concept of “The Wanted” a la cowboy, they’ve got a great chance to win the attention of consumer!


Dino Gum

The packaging is designed such that permennya appears as a dinosaur tooth. More and more packed, increasingly toothless dino permennya him! (And so does your teeth!)


Not a battery …

Although a bit sidetracked, but bottles salt pepper & under this wonderful idea!

salt pepper

Hanger Tea

There is nothing as enjoyable as hot tea in the afternoon. Especially if You menyeduhnya of unique design resembling a clothes hanger. Even the tea pouches made such clothes!


Miniroll Tissue

In one roll of tissue, you will be reminded constantly by dates. Former packaging tube you can take advantage of to plant cacti. Exciting, right?


Good Day Bakery

Paper bag will never be boring if it happened like this.

paper bag

Nescafe Coffee Milk With Straw

In addition, packaging should also have more functionality. Like the packaging of Nescafe instant coffee. After the coffee being poured into a glass of hot water, and you can use the former packaging to suck up copies were produced. Slurrrp!


Panasonic Headphones

Advanced headphones from Panasonic is packaged in a symbol not of the music. To be unique and creative, it turns out the unneeded things complicated. Less is more!


Meat Shorts

Patterned pants meat from Weird Clothing is packaged as if a real meat, complete with styrofoam trays and plastic wrapping. You may be wrong thinking it was real flesh.


Anti-theft Lunch Bag

Don’t want your lunch stolen? Use plastic that trick! If you wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap, then it will look as though you’ve had lunch lunchbox rot. The thief will not be able to pick it up.


Chocolate Pills

Who likes taking medication? Of course almost all of them don’t like it. But, you will definitely love this drug. This chocolate is packed so that similar pills of the drug. This may be the only remedy that is always eaten every day!


Coconut Water

A product of nature, make it a true as possible. Even wrap the coconut water coconut shell with a real, if possible.

coconut water

It’s still an awful lot of creative packaging ideas out there. Well, have you found the ideal packaging for your product

How To Treat A Toothache On Toddlers

How to treat a toothache At children aged 2 years
When your child’s toothache during their two years of age, that you can do is with your child to the doctor checked sepsialis teeth, so the doctors will do the appropriate action that could make your child heal. Usually the doctor will provide drugs for pain relief or could also revoke the child’s teeth in the cavities where it’s been severe.
How To Treat A Toothache On Toddlers
How to treat a toothache At children aged 3 years
For the removal of the teeth become the umpteenth solution you can do for your child who is still a toddler. Tooth extractions must be done by a specialist, since when does not effect received could cause blindness on your child. Because the nerves of the teeth is closely related to the nerves of the eyes and other nerve. You could ask the doctor how appropriate measures to cope with a toothache in children age 3 years.

How to treat a toothache At Children Age 4 years
If the child has reached the age of 4 years, you already can do natural treatments that can cure a child of a toothache, most people use the traditional way to pick up germs in the teeth. Germs in the teeth is what causes your child experiencing excruciating pain. The treatment can be done for children aged 4 years is to take your child to the dentist.

So your child gets a proper handling. Because of the way the only ones safe to treat toothache for children who are still diusia 10 years

down is with medical care. It is feared when using the traditional way they will feel the pain or even dislike the herb that has been created.
Tips To Prevent Toothache
Besides knowing the causes and how to treat toothache for children, now we will share information about caring tips good gear and true for children. See the explanation below.

All you need to do first is the motivation of your children so that they rajjin brushing your teeth. Provide knowledge of what happens when your child is not diligent toothbrushes and what is obtained when the brand of diligent brushing.
After that invite and accompany your child to brush our teeth. When your child was 2 or 3 years, you can help them to brushing my teeth. After that, teach your child to be independent while brushing your teeth.
And be sure to routinely checked yourself 6 months. At least doctors can control your child’s dental health, if there is a problem with your child’s teeth, then it will be soon conducted a proper handling.
Teach your child to rinse after consuming foods that are sweet. How simple this could throw off the rest of the food is still stuck in the teeth so it doesn’t cause a toothache.
Bring your children to brushing my teeth after eating foods that are sweet, so your child’s teeth remain healthy without any germs and plaque on teeth.
Familiarize your child for eating fruits contain fiber, because the fiber can help teeth to remove food remnants that are still stuck in gear and not visible to us. However if your child eats fruit, try about 15 minutes after they eat the rice.

Such is the way to take care of children’s teeth to stay healthy. By doing some of the activities above, your child is expected to be freed from a toothache. Clean teeth of course can make your child comfortable while eating and not interfere with their daily activities.

Children are indeed difficult when resisting for brushing teeth, this is because they do not know the benefits of brushing your teeth every day. But as parents we should be able to make them aware that the toothbrush is a good habit that reflects the kerpibadian and our health.

So now what should you do when you find out your child’s toothache? Teach them to brush your teeth is good and right, so that you get used to brushing teeth, from the top down, all part of the tooth can be cleaned. Little things like this can make You even more healthy than have to do expensive treatments, the bottom line is simple, an avid toothbrush and brushing my teeth after they eat foods that are sweet.

A Model Of Minimalist House Pretty And Beautiful

In creating a residential house in the beautiful dream and dream, it takes some design, concepts, and models of the beautiful homes also like beautiful minimalist house model that is currently being applied to all regular House or both houses in this relatively elite housing. This beautiful minimalist house model lot was chosen because of the design and the concept is simple, elegant, yet still look fancy. In creating this beautiful minimalist house model required ideas and creativity in order to shape and model be unique and different from other minimalist home. Therefore, we recommend that you try this minimalist house model by applying it to your home that is mediocre. You do not need to be confused and frightened by the cost spent in building or creating a minimalist home occupancy, because this minimalist house models don’t cost that much and expensive but cost-efficient and jasa arsitek bangun rumah minimal can create a minimalist’s dream home.

If you are sure and really interested in building a House with a beautiful, minimalist home models quickly, you apply to your home so that your home looks much more beautiful, beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. But in building beautiful and minimalist home this beautiful should pay attention to the most important things in the making of minimalist house. Things are as follows:
A Model Of Minimalist House Pretty And Beautiful
1. When viewed in terms of the minimalist House interior, then you should pay attention to the use of a room or rooms, the use of paint on the walls in the House, there must be ventilation or air circulation enough, sufficient lighting, the use of furniture and furniture should also note, and in every house there should be minimalist bathroom and kitchen.

2. While views of the pretty minimalist house exterior model, you should pay attention to such use of the terrace or yard, fence out of the House, Garden, garage, lighting on the outside of the House, and the use of paint on the outer wall of the House.

Both of the aforementioned indeed must exist in the model of minimalist House, minimalist house so you pretty much look more gorgeous, beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. If you want a more minimalist home nice and beautiful anymore then you can add creativity on the model and concept that is unique in order to be different from other minimalist home.

Glucola Gel and nano spray MCI’s latest products for skin care

PIG Glucola Gel MCI‘s latest products for skin care Face a maximum
After a successful product Glucola MCI and booming market nowadays, MCI launched its newest product which always understand and understand the needs of the current lifestyle on all women or men anywhere. With its newest innovation is the latest product from PT. PIG this time increasingly give You satisfaction in the practicality of facial skin careand are familiar and of course be Your expectations. Introducing PIG Glucola Gel MCI‘s latest products harga nano spray 3 terbaru asli.


Glucola Gel is the successor of Glucola MCI, with substances that are almost identical to the previous, apart of MCI Glucola contains ingredients which is great for skin benefits i.e. Gluthatione & Collagen, Glucola Gel also contains additional material and Filler Gel Cleanser. PIG Glucola Gel contains natural ingredients of MCI and natural which is certainly making the more effective to enlighten and nourish the skin. Content of Gluthatione in Glucola Gel makes skin brighter and enriched with Nano Collagen.

Glucola Gel and nano spray MCI's latest products for skin care

PIG Glucola Gel MCI


Nano Collagen is Collagen that has been solved with Nano technology up to 500 dalton thus making easily absorbed by the skin layers. And here is the benefit of PIG Glucola Gel MCI:


Help lift dirt on the skin efficiently
Help lifting dead skin cells
Mengenyalkan skin instantly
Disguise the wrinkles
Shrink skin pores
Fades black flecks
Fades to remove acne scars
Fades to remove eye pouch
And many more other good benefits for skin


How To Use:
Use sparingly on the skin of the face and body, rub with a circular motion for maximum results lifting dead skin and inserting Collagen and Gluthatione into the skin

Unique Pizza Interesting Packaging Design Inspiring

You struggled in the Pizza business? This included one type of food that is popular in the world. Whatever your food business, packaging is the identity that distinguishes your business with competitors. Packaging or packaging has also become an attraction for customers. Here we want to share ideas and inspiration about pizza packaging design examples. He’s 20 Unique Exciting Pizza packaging design inspiring desain kemasan produk makanan – Restaurant Pizzeria Lambardo.

Unique Pizza Interesting Packaging Design Inspiring

Pizza packaging design 2 – Waitrose
Pizza packaging design 3 – Tesco Microwaveable
Pizza packaging design 4
Pizza packaging design 5
Pizza packaging design 6
Pizza packaging design 7
Pictures-Photos-Design-Boxes-Packaging-Pizza-Lay-Out Pieces-Shape-Round
Pizza packaging design 8
Pictures-photos-design-Boxes-Packaging-Pizza-green-concept-that-makes it easy
Pizza packaging design 9
Pizza packaging design 10
Pizza packaging design 11
Pizza packaging design 12
Pizza packaging design 13
Pizza packaging design 14
Packaging design of Pizza 15
16 Pizza packaging design
Pizza packaging design 17
Pizza packaging design 18
Pizza packaging design 19
Pictures-Photos-Design-Boxes-Packaging-Pizza-Shaped Envelopes-Letter-Post-Air-Mail
Pizza packaging design 20
That’s the 20 Unique Exciting Pizza packaging design inspiring that we could share with you. May be a source of design inspiration for your pizza business. Thank you.

qurban aqiqah and law together

We as Muslims should adhere to understand the meaning and purpose of qurban aqiqah and we niatkan solely to worship to God Almighty. As for the notion of qurban aqiqah and only a few perbedaannnya, aqiqah is also the Act of sacrificing animals for sacrifices in go for ourselves as a symbol of the redemption of the soul towards our son or daughter who was born according to KH Sholikhin which we quoted aqiqah online surabaya.
Slaughtering of animals qurban
qurban aqiqah and law together
Still according to him qurban funded on the feast of Eid Al-adha or feast of qurban in the month of Zulhijjah and at peruntukkan for those who can afford to sacrificial. Aqiqah also as a means to educate our sons and daughters in order to be obedient and always remembering Allah, for parents is Thanksgiving to God‘s gift of sons and daughters who are always in longing.
Purpose and qurban aqiqah qurban Aqiqah and which one comes first?
Whether aqiqah and victims could be merged? is frequently cast in the Muslims who want to carry out simultaneous aqiqah and sacrifice in one’s intention. Due to various reasons such as only limited funds available, to save time, and various other reasons.
Indeed for aqiqah and qurban is not insignificant, must be examined and understood how the Shari’a in its legal or in the rules of islam. In this case there are two opinions about the aqiqah and sacrifice where it used to be or can be set to one. Here is a second opinion of scholars about the implementation and qurban aqiqah.
Could Unify between aqiqah and sacrifice. It is based on the opinions of scholars that is h. Hasan Basri, Sect Hanafy, Moh. Ibn Sirin and imam ahmad. By reason of objective aqiqah and qurban is the same, namely to hold ourselves to Allah by way of slaughtering sacrificial animals.
Not in allow. The scholars are agreed that between qurban aqiqah and shouldn’t be in unite include Shafi’i, Maliki arguing because aqiqah and qurban is two different worship in terms of legislation and its purpose.
So obviously that is qurban aqiqah and two kinds of different animal slaughtering purposes as aqiqah gratitude for the gift of the son of God Almighty. While the slaughter of sacrificial animals qurban on special days during the months of Hajj or the feast of Eid Al-adha.
Because the intention and purpose of the legislation, both worship different then, it must be run separately or in the same way that has been specified in each. After we as Muslims understand the purpose and qurban aqiqah may we always keep ourselves from the deeds of the tahawun that is considered paltry/trivial of all affairs in religion, Naudzubillah.

7 important Tips on Renovating a bathroom

confused where to start while remodeling bathroom design. Replace the floor? replacing a faucet or add to the bathtub and shower? Renovate the bathroom can be a pretty difficult compared to other parts of the House to renovate. Therefore you need to follow jasa bangun rumah minimalis.

The bathroom humidity levels high makes you must be clever in selecting material especially who are not easy to grow mosses and not easily rotted. Generally bathroom has limited space so you have to prioritize what bathroom tools which will be placed. But you don’t need to worry, here are 7 important tips in remodeling the bathroom.

7 important Tips on Renovating a bathroom
1. Choose the classic style and elegance
If you want a stylish bathrooms are modern and stylish, better choose a stand-alone sink design rather than one with wardrobe Cabinet. For fans of bath, choose a low-legged (claw-foot) to a modern classic look.


2. test the comfort of a Bathtub by sitting on it
Before you decide to buy a bathtub, do a test first by entering your body into it. Search which is roughly enough to accommodate a maximum of two people. So don’t be too large, and also too small. Choose also a bathtub that has senderan in accordance with the grooves of the body and the neck.


3. Select a durable Flooring Material
Some of the material that is durable and not easily damaged because of water among them ceramics, marble, and stone laid out square (stone-tiles). You can use materials made of wood for a warm impression, but we recommend that you choose a durable wood.


4. A glass Pendant
Shower glass feels incomplete. Glass, Hung not just glass, ask the repairman to your subscription to form stylish glass (to suit your taste). When you need to install also the little lights above the glass so that the maximum lighting when you beautify yourself.


5. Create an angle for Ria air-shower
An open shower area should be a consideration means that You don’t need to use a glass or curtains dividing the anti-water. It is more practical and makes it easy for you when you want to take towels or other objects. Don’t forget to adjust your shower water usage is not up to a dry area.


6. the comfortable Lighting
Create lighting according to your needs by means of a halogen lamp with lamp combines a wall or lamp which stuck to the glass.


7. buy a quality Closet
There is no harm in spending money for the sake of getting more comfortable toilet. The toilet should be made as comfortable as possible. Do not let happen penyiramnya tools are often damaged and eventually impede the garbage-garbage in it causing the smell.


So some how to renovate a bathroom can be used as a knowledge to make a comfortable bathroom. May be useful.

Trends of Fashionable Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for young people

For the eve especially for Muslim women will have difficulty in looking for and finding a muslim fashion that suits your characteristics as you can know yourself that variegated collection of the latest model of muslim dress fashionable are popping up so that resulted in the election of muslim dress which is certainly confusing to any Muslim women wishing to wear muslim dress in busana muslim anak terbaru.
Trends of Fashionable Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for young people
The stylish and modern day performing widths for each woman is a dream and desire at a reasonable figure for women who want to look beautiful and attractive. Because it is essentially female instincts of beautifying themselves from birth so it’s been okay if we often encounter females doing makeup face up with the shirt or use of busanannya by following the various information model modern fashionable clothes trend.

Trends of Fashionable Moslem Idul Fitri holiday for young people

Design on a wide variety of muslim clothing currently has indeed undergone change and development are greatly increased. Both developments will be the quality of the muslim clothes, as well as the development and changes in the model of his style. So as to provide the feel of a new innovation that is capable of creating many among women interested in his latest designs. So, as a woman who always prioritizes it this appearance can easily be wnaita fashionable graceful figure, of course.
Most young people have always had a mengidam-idamkan fashion which in addition to menutupui faces were also used for fashion. Where has the latest muslim batik fashion for teens will be very confident that give the impression of more and make the wearer will be comfortable wearing the fashions in all her everyday routine. But you need to know that the muslim batik always direlasikan with the model of Moslem parents tend to have properties that are too old or ancient so the teens are reluctant to wear batik clothes due to the Muslims is not fashionable and modern.