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packaging which directly connects the material

Prevent the breakdown of nutrients/food nutrition.

Maintain and ensure a level of health food.

Eases distribution/transport of foodstuffs.

Support the development of fast food.

Add aesthetic value and sell groceries.
Packaging foodstuffs must satisfy several conditions or to be able to achieve the goal of packaging it, namely:

Pengemasnya material must meet certain requirements.
A method or technique of packaging foodstuffs to be precise.
The pattern of distribution and storage product packaging results should be good desain kemasan produk dengan coreldraw x4.
packaging which directly connects the material
Materials Pack
The ingredients down either metallic materials, as well as other materials such as plastic, glass, various paper and cardboard should have 6 main functions; IE:
a. as a protector against dirt and contamination.
b. as a protector against physical damage, change of moisture content and shines (light).
c. functions are good, efficient and economical especially during the process of placing ingredients into container packaging.
d. Have ease in opening or closing and also facilitates in the stages of handling, transportation and distribution.
e. have the sizes, shapes and weights to suit existing stndart, easily disposed of, and is easily molded or printed.
f. Reveals identity, information and a clear appearance to help the promotion or sale.
With the large number of necessary requirements for the material down, then of course the ingredients down naturally will not be able to meet most of these requirements. Therefore the human with the help of technology managed to make the material down the synthetic can meet most of the requirements of the minimum required (Syarief,1989)
Packaging can be classified based on various things including: usage frequency, packing systems, the nature of the structure stiffness of materials down, the nature of the protection of the environment, and the level of readiness of wear (Iskandar,1987)

1. Frequency of usage;
a. disposable Packaging (disposable), i.e. direct packaging discarded after used (candy wrap, wrap the leaves)
b. packaging that can be used repeatedly (multi trip), the packaging is returned upon seller once used (several types of bottle)
c. Packaging which are not disposed of or returned (semi disposible), the packaging is often used for other purposes after having used (canned milk)
2. Structure of the system is shutting down;
a. the primary Packaging, i.e. packaging which directly connects the material (canned milk, bottled drinks, wrap tempe)
b. secondary packaging, i.e. packaging that its main function is to protect kemsan primer (in cardboard boxes, baskets of tempe)
c. tertiary Packaging, quarters, etc., i.e. in need of packaging after the primary and secondary packaging.
3. The nature of the stiffness of the material down;
a. Flexible Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down might easily without any cracked or broken plastic, paper, foil)
b. rigid Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down are hard, stiff, not stand lenturan (wood, glass, metal)

founded a successful Sally Giovanny batik shop Trusmi

One of the many who managed to realize success in online business is Sally Giovanny. She is a pretty young woman who engaged in the entrepreneurial world. Against the backdrop of economic families are arguably less well established, Sally decided to entrepreneurship since he was young. Refer to the following inspiratifnya stories.
Start Doing Business With Itinerant Market
founded a successful Sally Giovanny batik shop Trusmi
Not an easy career Sally Giovanny to get the success it is today. Initially, he started his efforts with trade batik Cirebon. He kept offering products with the touring market. Sally is wandering around in the markets Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya in order get his batik customers. Imagine how heavy the struggles of Sally to start his business. Heat, sweat, and dust of the streets have become a loyal friend in determining product baju muslim anak hellokity offering.

The persistence of female converts this brought a tremendous success. Firmness his intention to plunge into the world of business since the age of 18, making it a more robust and sturdy now. Currently with age is so young that is 26 years, Sally Giovanny incarnated into a businesswoman who is reckoned in Indonesia. What other areas of business that He get into is the particularity of Indonesia namely batik. Right after graduating from HIGH SCHOOL She decided to relieve the economic burden of entrepreneurship.

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The Remarkable Achievement Of Sally Giovanny

By keeping the focus on batik batik Trusmi which is typical of the area, took him on a remarkable success. By collecting the profits he earned when travelling to trade in the market in the past eventually founded a successful Sally Giovanny batik shop Trusmi.

Along with the skyrocketing use of batik cloth batik in Indonesia, bringing the Sally Trusmi selling is becoming increasingly crowded. In addition, the development of the city of Cirebon that became a popular tourist destination, also has a major role in raising Trusmi batik business Sally Giovanny.

Sally initially only have a permanent store size small, but now thanks to kegigihannya, transformed into a grocery store with an extensive reach Trusmi batik 1.5 hectares. It could be his batik shop batik store largest stepped Indonesia.

A great achievement from a lady who just graduated high school. Sally currently employs approximately more than 850 permanent employees and 500an batik craftsmen. Thousands of visitors each day, never deserted from their outlets. The fact he got the turnover reached 100 million each day.

Currently his Trusmi store evolve and have branches in various large cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Cirebon itself. Even today his Trusmi batik outlets developed and penetrated in the world of online business. With the flag, Sally began her business expand to Giovanny cyberspace to maximize your efforts.
Business Product Differentiation Sally Giovanny

how to order the animal for aqiqah on online

“Every child is retained with akikahnya. Slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day it was born, her hair shaved and given the name. ”
(Narrated by Ahmad and others)

how to order the animal for aqiqah on online
In addition to the seventh day, different scholars opinions about it. Imam Malik, according to one narrated by said, if Miss a seventh day, terlepaslah claim. And if the baby dies before the seventh day, during religious will for him.
Religious scholars Hanbali said, according to the Sunnis during done on the seventh day. If Miss the seventh day, it can be done in seven days later, that is, 14, 21 and so on. And should be done at any time without a specific time limit.
According to sect asy-fuqaha Shafi I, if Dad or guardian are not able to do during the seventh day, he can do it at any time that he was able until her puberty. If his son already puberty, not claimed again to it.
Maskud retained earnings
What is layanan aqiqah termurah surabaya “every child is retained with akikahnya” in the Hadith above?
Said Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, retained earnings of intercession. Means if a child who is not diakikahkan died, she was detained from intercede to her parents.
There is also a view that the meaning of “retained earnings” is the boy retained than good should have been obtained if parents do during religious for him.
Who is required to do during religious?
During claimed (disunatkan) on the person who is obliged to provide maintenance to the child with their wealth. Then shouldn’t the father or walinya made during religious by using property owned by the son of voluntary contributions as during religious is. Hence, the property should not be used for him. For intercourse, during work carried out by his mother.
Aqikah yourself
If the father or guardian do not do for children because of poor akikah or other reasons until puberty, part Syafiiyah Al-fuqaha said circumcision for a child it does akikah for itself to accommodate what I’ve missed than excess aqikah.

Frankly I was not so sorry for flowers, thus I feel a little bit inadequate hearing business travel sayurnya full of twists and turns. And it turns out his income from professions that are considered paltry many people it was much larger than my monthly salary. My conversations with the Flower end there, after paying the stuff I buy, I go straight to the House carrying a bundle of vegetables, a pack of tofu, tempeh and some herbs, accompanied by feelings of rage in their hearts. Life lessons and inspiration from the builders of this vegetable is very meaningful and inspiring me to soon have his own business, should be better in youts


Managed to Move On from the rejection finally able to Achieve Success

In human life has always been faced with two options. Including in terms of reach for success in any field, humans are also given 2 options viz. failed or reached the success. The question is simply whether we want to or not to achieve that success.

Perhaps at first glance almost all of us a compact answer, want! But the next question, that willpower can truly we cover well or not.

Managed to Move On from the rejection finally able to Achieve Success

Here is the actual distinguishing who is successful and who fails. Those who fail are mostly not responsible with what dicita-citakannya. In contrast, those who ultimately succeed tend to be responsible in a way keep trying hard and unforgiving surrender despite many obstacles and failures that come your way.

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Related to the failure in the form of rejection, 5 figure this success proves that one eye’s view they get thus become milestones towards success is incredible. Following his review.
1. Milton Hershey

Maybe in Indonesia, the name Milton Hershey is simply not widely known. But if we are in the American Plains, especially North America, the name is already very familiar to be heard as a millionaire entrepreneur business chocolate and candy.

But it turns out that before being able to reap such a huge success, recipe chocolate works of Milton in fact ever been dumped by a chocolate company where he worked. But what is it? The painful rejection to reply to Milton by starting his own chocolate business. From there the savory chocolate slowly Milton started popping up to consumers can develop into one of the most successful chocolate brand in the world.
2. Michael Jordan

As one of the NBA basketball legend, who would have thought once Michael Jordan never experienced rejection few times. Since childhood, he was convinced that basketball was his way of life. But in fact the coach of the basketball team into place to practice does not agree with it.

By reason of the body did not match high expectations, though he did try as hard as possible he is still denied to enter the core team. Be he encouraged to prove that the decision was a very big mistake. And the proof, is now the name of Michael Jordan ever entered the Hall of Fame as evidence the results of her hard work over the years.
3. Walt Disney

Successful entrepreneurs originating from rejection is the next animator, Walt Disney World. The man with the high imajenasi power was considered poor creativity while working at a newspaper swata.

Even once the character Mickey Mouse is so phenomenal, once rejected by reason of showing the figure of a rat which many readers hated women. Amazingly, after removing all criticism and rejection, he started making his own works of animation and Mickey Mouse ever born as new Idol at the time.

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4. Albert Einstein

Many are ordinary human beings generally thought that it would be difficult to understand the pattern of thought of a genius. This is a really experienced by one of the most meritorious scientists, Albert Einstein. While still young, he often got a cynical view of the foolishness and the fikirnya pattern is not at all acceptable by either the teacher or peer to peer.

However, he eventually was able to prove that a negative view of the disekelilingnya people not because he had an abnormality but rather it is grace from God. He successfully owned genius aktualisasikan in the form of the various findings of the formulas that still continue to be of benefit to mankind.
5. Stephen King

For those colleagues who are hobbies reading books especially the smell certainly know the name of the fictional Stephen King. Dubbed as one of the greatest artists in America, ternyatanya the works of Stephen King had rejected up to 30 times until he almost felt despair by removing all the paper into the trash.

Lucky at that time his wife attended as encouragement to continue working. And just in a filing to the 31st, is his first works received. After that the name Stephen King moving both known and continues to spawn the phenomenal work.

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If reviewed more deeply, actually many more successful figure who successfully initiated his career of a rejection.

Then what can be learned? Namely, that the failure or refusal is not the end of the struggle we achieve success. If colleagues are currently treading an effort and great failure, keep IE because it is not impossible that failure was the final step towards the gate of your success.

safe is wearing a nano spray with cosmetics?

Since its appearance, Nano Spray technology becomes one of the beauty that is often talked about by everyone especially the women. Only with menyemprotkannya to the area of the face, then a variety of positive benefits you will get started from the loss of black flecks, the skin becomes firmer, free of acne and facial skin become smoother and moisturized. Moreover, with Indonesia’s hot weather conditions, Nano Spray felt much help give freshness in the face.
safe is wearing a nano spray with cosmetics

But actually how do I correct Spray Nano usage? Whether before using cosmetics or cosmetic before you use?

Dr. Lalita Drijono, Aramanila SpKK, Puam of dermatologist Clinic in Jakarta says, “the use of Nano Spray before and after cosmetic applications depend on the content of Nano Spay. If the Nano Spray using the oxygen content of the water, then spraying the Nano Spray before and after using cosmetics will not be a problem “.

Because the Nano Spray works with high-speed vibration frequency of 1 Mhz, where with a vibe as soon as it makes the water molecules become broke and past 700 nano-sized holes so that it can penetrate the pores of the skin easily and moisturize your skin.

But the assertive Dr. Nila, but if you use other ingredients besides Water of oxygen, it can damage your skin in the foreseeable future. Because the cosmetics you use also have different content. So when used simultaneously, then the substance should serve maintain health of facial skin and even can’t function optimally.

In addition, note also the distance of the spraying of Nano Spray. The distance is ideally 15 cm from your face in order not to get too wet.

For more information and ordering products Nano Spray please contact: nano spray 3 surabaya

the dangers exposed to UV rays in sunlight can make to avoid the dull and dark. A health and beauty Institute released a list of foods that can make the skin look beautiful again after exposed to sun exposure.

In the quotation from, Super health and beauty Skin Diet suggest 5 foods that can restore the beauty of the skin less than a week. This food is not only useful to beautify upon you but also can lose weight naturally.

Here are 5 foods that Can restore the Beauty of the skin in no time.

1. Beta Carotene Cocktail

Beta Carotene Cocktail made of peppers, citrus, melon, Apricot and lettuce that mashed using a blender. Kosumsilah drink is 2-3 hours a day.
2. Cheery Berry Booster

Cheerry Berry Booster is fruit juice berry blue (blueberry), cherries, apples, and a little yogurt. Add a little ice cubes untum to make this drink more fresh.

3. Soup Spinach and lettuce

This dish is made from a mixture of spinach and lettuce. Add chicken and other veggies to load it more delicious.

4. Soup apples, almonds, green onions and celery

This soup is made from almonds that crushed then roasted in. Add the leeks and celery until smooth. Later tanmbahkan Apple juice and chicken. Chill for 30 minutes before consumption.


Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms parallel

In making a dream house, the most important thing to note is the number of bedrooms. Ideally when building a House, rooms that are prepared is at least as much as 3 pieces. This was prepared for the two children who will be born or it could be three children by means of 2 people sleeping in one room. Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms is generally great demand because it is viewed can accommodate the needs of the majority of families.
Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms parallel
Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms parallel
The floor plan of a simple House With 3 bedrooms

Some models a simple House with 3 bedrooms that are often used in making a dream house are: jasa bangun rumah baru Model nursery parallel and facing the main room; Model of the bedroom as it gives more space utilization varied due to limit 2 rooms with main rooms made kitchen space. Although small it is used the maximum extent possible make all means. The living room and family room by room adding the more beautiful and comfortable.
Children’s bedrooms are aligned with the main bedroom separated bathroom. This model of the bedroom to the ground like a narrow building. With limit it with a bathroom. The third room is very giving color to the room to the other. To the front of the room there is the living room, next to the family room and kitchen backmost.

Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms

Simple home floor plan 3 bedrooms (Designplans)

The master bedroom and 2 other rooms behind the parallel in separate wc. Model rooms like this many are enjoying. In addition to the room is impressed. Great cry is composed of parts that didn’t blend into each other. For the bedroom door of his room overlooking the family room and 2 other rooms overlooking the family room. Part of the living room next to the main room did not make privacy have a home troubled because the door of the room not overlooking the living room.

Simple home floor plan 1 floor 3 bedrooms giving comfort and save money in the bag. Normally this model became the favorite choice for people who want to build a House. Simple House 1 floor is well suited for those who have children are still small so not too troublesome and dangerous.
Floor plan 3 bedroom house with garage and living room width

Floor plan 3 bedroom house with garage and living room width (Affordableaustraliankithomes)
The utilization of space in the House with 3 bedrooms

Although the number of bedrooms is limited, the utilization of a simple House with 3 rooms can be maximized with the use of appropriate equipment and furniture. With multifunctional furniture is fitting because aside from conserve places, but still can accommodate a variety of functions.
Sample floor plan 3D Home 3 bedrooms

Sample floor plan 3D Home 3 bedrooms (Home-interior-design)

So, if you want to build a House with 3 rooms it could contact the developer and expressed the desire of the dream home. But if you want to build it yourself, the choice of models and drawings of simple three-room house extremely variable so you can choose the one that approaches the needs of you and your family take your pick and make the home of your dreams.

Mental and character of a successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the work that is now makin get a place in society. With all the advantages offered, entrepreneurship or business is increasingly becoming the choice of profession of interest many people.

But in a live business filled with challenges and obstacles are certainly business people do not just simply relying on capital and resources. More than that they desperately need more important things than that i.e. mental and a strong character. A businessman not a few even have to roll the mat because they don’t have the mental and entrepreneurship capable characters.

When they failed to earn a profit even though it has been long standing, businessman who has no mental and character of the responsibility would soon vanish. Mental and character of entrepreneur success this is what then makes a business maestro Indonesia, Bob Sadino, becoming a successful entrepreneur founder Kemfood and Kemchick.
bob sadino
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The following 5 characters and attitudes that must be owned by a successful entrepreneur, according to Bob Sadino in order to successfully run the business.
1. A strong and determined Intention

Mental and the first character of a #entrepreneur success according to Bob Sadino is having the intention and determination. When you first start or start their business you will be faced with many activities for the realization of the business plan.

Then with the intention and determination are good and strong, you will be able to live and embody the all activities of all the existing business plan. Intention and determination of strong business acumen of entrepreneurs according to Bob Sadino can be seen from the seriousness and time diluangkannya for business.

If they are still making business only as a side, it means that the intention and goal is still not strong enough. But if a businessman has had the intention and determination then they will take the whole time for the business and its business.
2. Have the Willpower that hard

In a business filled with challenges, obstacles and hurdles certainly business people will often feel an flutter pessimistic or disheartened. Then to have mental and strong-willed character to be successful, businesses will be able to get through all the problems that existed before.

According to Bob Sadino, mental and strong-willed character to be able to achieve success is indeed very successful entrepreneur owned the mandatory in addition to be able to overcome the challenges also for open space and road to the plans of your business in the future.
3. Dare to take Risks

As the owner and business leaders, often You will be required to determine the business decision that may determine the fate and the future of your business. Well this is where you are required to think hard, because You decisions is very crucial to your business.

Rather than retreat, You will be required to risk-taking than any decision to be taken. The courage to risk this business according to Bob Sadino is mental and character of a successful entrepreneur. Loss? That’s okay, a businessman must be ready with the worst risks of the business that he run. For those who do not want to risk the worst, Bob suggests that they do not have to bother being a businessman.
4. Vistas and wasn’t Maudlin

Entrepreneurship is to learn to be independent and also makes the vastness of the field work. Well for independent business travelers can indeed should want to bulletproof and not maudlin when facing the challenges and obstacles. How would this business travelers if they are Crybabies when they want to create new jobs for others.

Certainly it is not in sync at all. According to Bob Sadino, an entrepreneur should be someone that hardiness and not whiny because they will definitely face a lot of problems in the lead a business. If they are not bulletproof, certainly they will be easily eroded and eliminated from the business world.

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5. A successful Entrepreneur Always Sincere and grateful

Lastly, attitudes and characters of a successful businessman Bob Sadino version was always sincere and grateful. Although on the one hand entrepreneurs must have a willingness and determination to realize success. But on the other hand, an entrepreneur is also required to be always sincere and grateful in all its business achievements.

To be successful, according to Bob Sadino businessman was indeed need process that should always be tempered with a sense of gratitude and sincere. A sense of sincere gratitude and this will make the businessman can interpret any results obtained from the slightest profit business venture that he earned.