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Top Travel Destinations

Booking a dream holiday is an exciting time but if you’re traveling to Europe what are the top travel destinations in Europe to visit? There are so many travel destinations in Europe to visit and so many reasons to travel its hard to know which the best places to visit are.

Pompeii, Naples

Naples is a wonderful bustling city in Italy, yet not far from Naples lays the ruined Roman city of Pompeii that saw disaster when a volcano erupted and covered the city. Today a lot of the city has been unearthed and makes for an awe inspiring sight as you wander through Roman roads and see the ruined city in all its glory.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

One of the oldest cities in Europe, even older than Rome and Constantinople, Plovdiv is an amazing city to visit. At every turn while in the city you will come face to face with Roman relics of the past, there is even a Roman theatre seating thousands and a buried Roman Amphitheatre.

Plovdiv is also well known for its great restaurants, bars and shopping that will keep you very busy.

Bremen, Germany

This great city is rich in history and a great place for shopping too. If you enjoy a mix of history, architecture and great shopping and eat experiences then Bremen is certainly the place to visit. You can see the huge St. Peters cathedral then wander down the medieval roads of the Schnoor or sample the delights of the market.

Venice, Italy

The city of love and romance, Venice has been bringing passion to people’s lives for hundreds of years. There is something special about the fact that this city has no roads and relies on the gondolas of the river for transport. Venice is also home to some great Italian restaurants and bars.


Why visit the same old places for a city break, there are so many great places to visit that you may never have thought of traveling too. The four destinations above are just a small number of the top travel destinations in Europe that you can sample on your travels.

Best Travel Destinations to Visit

Whether you are going with family, friends, or alone, for business or pleasure, or to enjoy the nature, adventures and romance, get on without any delay for your dream place. There are many destinations that you can visit with a cheap airline fare. Now-a-days, the travel agencies offer many all-inclusive packages, responding to the expectations of the tourists, at very reasonable rates. These agencies organize their stay, sight-seeing, and other additional activities as well. For instance, Wild Discovery, one of the most active travel agencies in the market, tries to offer the best services to the customer.

If you are planning to go for a honeymoon, then the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, or the Caribbean are the most-favored places. These dreamy destinations are full of a kind of romantic ambiance suitable for the newlyweds. The heat of the sun, enticing beaches, scuba diving to see the spectacular wrecks laden with corals and sponges and fish and turtle shelters, Getaway Sailing, care and massages based marine products; everything attracts the lovers. Couples like Europe: Prague, Budapest, and Vienna, and Central America.

With regard to families, the Mediterranean is the most-liked destination having Cyprus, Greek Islands, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Cote d’Azur. Cyprus is an ideal place for relaxation. In Morocco, the family can enjoy the dunes, oases and palm groves. Enjoy exploring the valley of roses. Cheap airline tickets to Morocco are available online. China is also an attractive tourist destination. Its main characteristics are its legendary cities, wonderful scenes, its culinary arts, traditions and the charm of its modern cities.

To make your traveling safer, enjoyable, and above all, economic, you must select a travel agency that is renowned and experienced. It will help you to make your plans according to your budget, your tastes and requirements. Before buying any package, it is very important to know about the facilities included in the package. Though the all-inclusive schemes are very popular, you must see whether it matches your expectations or not. The global service includes not only low-cost flights, transfers and hotel, but also many other activities and some meals. It is better to use the prepaid cards instead of carrying cash that can be stolen or lost. Thus, enjoy the best travel destinations with cheap airfares.

As a Gay Travel Destination

Although small, Ecuador offers a vast array of diversity when it comes to geography and various indigenous people with unique languages and cultures. From tropical coastlines to volcanoes that spend much of the year covered in snow, Ecuador is home to varying landscapes that make any time of year a great time for exciting gay adventure travel.

While the Galapagos Islands are perhaps the most frequently visited attraction in Ecuador, the mainland is also filled with numerous activities and sightseeing opportunities that ensure gay tours to Ecuador will be exciting, fulfilling and memorable. Whether you seek an outdoor adventure, a spiritual journey or gay travel that consists of exploring the LGBT community in Quito, trekking through the rainforest and spending lazy afternoons on the beach, you will surely see why so many travelers return to this popular tourist destination year after year.

Quito is the main city where you will find an LGBT community, particularly in the bohemian neighborhood of La Mariscal. This is where the Quito Pride celebration is held each June and is home to the various community nightspots, cafs and friendly establishments that Quito has on offer. As for nightlife, La Mariscal is the place to party on Friday and Saturday nights, but is also a wonderful afternoon hangout any day of the week.

Aside from La Mariscal, this city that sits at 9,200 feet above sea level, yet still lower than the nearby Pichincha volcano that rises to 13,000 feet, has much to offer, including streets lined with cafes, art galleries and shops, and a historic district that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Local attractions include the Capilla del Hombre Guayasamin, the Museo de la Ciudad, the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo and the many stalls of handicrafts in the Parque el Ejido.

Rights and protections in Ecuador have expanded over the past decade, allowing for gay travel destinations that are more enjoyable and safer. At the same time, there is still an air of machismo permeating the culture, which means discretion in most public places is still a good idea. One way to avoid issues and more fully enjoy your voyage to Ecuador is to plan to participate in gay tours when embarking on gay vacations to this diverse country.

This will allow you to focus on enjoying your Ecuador trip, while professionals manage the logistics of the journey and make sure you do not miss out on the most enticing natural, cultural and historic attractions.