7 important Tips on Renovating a bathroom

confused where to start while remodeling bathroom design. Replace the floor? replacing a faucet or add to the bathtub and shower? Renovate the bathroom can be a pretty difficult compared to other parts of the House to renovate. Therefore you need to follow jasa bangun rumah minimalis.

The bathroom humidity levels high makes you must be clever in selecting material especially who are not easy to grow mosses and not easily rotted. Generally bathroom has limited space so you have to prioritize what bathroom tools which will be placed. But you don’t need to worry, here are 7 important tips in remodeling the bathroom.

7 important Tips on Renovating a bathroom
1. Choose the classic style and elegance
If you want a stylish bathrooms are modern and stylish, better choose a stand-alone sink design rather than one with wardrobe Cabinet. For fans of bath, choose a low-legged (claw-foot) to a modern classic look.


2. test the comfort of a Bathtub by sitting on it
Before you decide to buy a bathtub, do a test first by entering your body into it. Search which is roughly enough to accommodate a maximum of two people. So don’t be too large, and also too small. Choose also a bathtub that has senderan in accordance with the grooves of the body and the neck.


3. Select a durable Flooring Material
Some of the material that is durable and not easily damaged because of water among them ceramics, marble, and stone laid out square (stone-tiles). You can use materials made of wood for a warm impression, but we recommend that you choose a durable wood.


4. A glass Pendant
Shower glass feels incomplete. Glass, Hung not just glass, ask the repairman to your subscription to form stylish glass (to suit your taste). When you need to install also the little lights above the glass so that the maximum lighting when you beautify yourself.


5. Create an angle for Ria air-shower
An open shower area should be a consideration means that You don’t need to use a glass or curtains dividing the anti-water. It is more practical and makes it easy for you when you want to take towels or other objects. Don’t forget to adjust your shower water usage is not up to a dry area.


6. the comfortable Lighting
Create lighting according to your needs by means of a halogen lamp with lamp combines a wall or lamp which stuck to the glass.


7. buy a quality Closet
There is no harm in spending money for the sake of getting more comfortable toilet. The toilet should be made as comfortable as possible. Do not let happen penyiramnya tools are often damaged and eventually impede the garbage-garbage in it causing the smell.


So some how to renovate a bathroom can be used as a knowledge to make a comfortable bathroom. May be useful.

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