American Style home decorating

American Style home decorating are you tired of the look of the House design minimalist style, classic, traditional or Mediterranean? Why not try to decorate ala United States. In terms of structuring and the color turned out to not be difficult if combined with the style of House in Indonesia.
American Style home decorating
United States-style house also known as the land of Uncle Sam is synonymous with a family house are large and beautiful. Most homes in America also use large furniture in the interior of his home. Sure, you could have this style of cheating as new inspiration in your home mendekor. What Style home decorating? The following explanation.
American-style home has a large size is identical. Therefore, it is no wonder, if the used furniture as well. According to the American community, living in the House that beruuran narrow and small it will only give you discomfort and feels claustrophobic.
Home with American style is also identical to use bright colors. Among them is the color of warm colors like Brown, white, ivory, cream and pastel. However, there are also fond of bold colors, such as red terracotta.
An identical material used in house of American style is a material made from wood and artificial wood. In fact, American society often uses wooden walls are coated with wallpaper.
In addition to the size of large furniture, American furniture apparently also identical with heavy furniture. The furniture like sofa thick with beautiful carvings. Americans also like to organize the kitchen with built-in furniture.
The decor and lighting
For decorative elements, people in America tend to love the self made accessories. The use of antique accessories is also one of the hallmark of American style house design. As for lighting, American-style homes are likely to choose to use light downlight. Typically these lights are placed on the floor, or on a table lamp. These lights do not only serve as a source of artificial lighting, but also as well as the interior decoration of the House.

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