Android is more Problematic Than Competitor Products

Unfortunately Google’s effort is being wasted because many vendors smartphone which then install the additional applications, such as their own-made interface and its own Android users install bloatware. The number of brand or brands that use Android, Google’s OS then work it has positive and negative sides.
Android is more Problematic Than Competitor Products

The plus side is the user can choose a variety of devices and prices vary. However, the downside is the existence of a certain brand of product defects. So before buying an Android phone try to read as many review in order for the Android OS smartphone that you buy according to your needs and Your budget.

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5. Android is more Problematic Than Competitor Products Often

The last myth that often befall the Android States that the Android OS is more problematic than frequent product competitors. Of course once again this is a myth. Problems such as slow or crash caused is not over over updates between hardware and software. Every time there is an update hardware, application developers sometimes need time to optimize its application

What is clear, any any #smartphone surely never crashes. And complaints from users of Android is more derived from cheap smartphone users with hardware that is underpowered, the interface is customizable, as well as bloatware been installed.

Advanced Applications To Solve Math Problems


For most students, the math is still a field of study that is considered scary. Most of the others even consider mathematics as a subject that is not well liked. How not, the complexity of the question and the workmanship makes many students feel no power and helpless to deal with it.

However with the growing #teknologi, now the students could be helped to tackle the complex problems of identical subjects with numerology. An application called PhotoMath from the developer MicroBlink will help anyone needs no Dizzy-Dizzy worked on math problems that are complicated.

With the sophistication, the PhotoMath can easily answer math problems with a good and complete along with the explanation. And then as to whether the sophisticated application? Following his review.

Development PhotoMath

As has been mentioned before, that the application PhotoMath was developed by the original developer is MicroBlink from Croatia. The actual application has been developed since the year 2011 has a sophisticated text reader technology to scan for problems of mathematics uploaded users.

MicroBlink experience in developing #aplikasi-based scanning photos indeed cannot doubt. Previous MicroBlink have launched successful application of PhotoPay which is an application to make it easier to make payments with a photograph using a camera smartphone Bill.

Applications that have been licensed by 14 banks in Europe’s future will withdraw money from your account to pay the Bills that you have photos. Application PhotoMath itself has now been present on all platforms #smartphone, of iOS, Windows Phone until Android for free. To get it, colleagues can visit the official website i.e.

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