Application Comparison Price Fashion Products Online

Careful when buying smartphones will keep us from the risk of data theft. Not only had to learn the features we need, a product vulnerability study of the smartphone is also one of the things that must be done before deciding to buy a smartphone.

Application Comparison Price Fashion

Shopping it was fun especially for you who love to shop and lots of money. Moreover, now the beberlanja can be done more easily. The pleasure of the community will be shopping is a great opportunity for many #ecommerce out there, not only that even now shopping can be done by simply using an application only. This time a team Maxmanroe to find an application that seems to be reserved for those of you who love to shop.
Get Acquainted With The Styloko, The Maker Of Applications WantList

Styloko was founded in London and has branded itself as The Fashion Discovery Engine. Styloko specializes in a special #aplikasi that are capable of helping women to shop easily and find products that match the price that fit.

Styloko believes that every woman needs a fun shopping experience in which the women can find products – products that he enjoy doing without having to search for it with difficulty. #Startup is led by a woman named Shannon Edwards, with most members of his team are women.

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Features WantList

Most of you women are certainly very selective in choosing the items you would buy it online instead? All factors into consideration is important to you name it as trademark clothing that you will buy, livery clothes, materials used for the outfit, postage, delivery time is long and the most important is of course the price of the clothes that you will buy.

You need to do some “research” is a fairly elaborate just to get the items that fit your body and your bags for example by comparing products with other products on the website #online the shop that differs. Responding to this, WantList is present to facilitate all the work.

How it works is very easy WantList simply swipe to the left or to the right. Swipe to the left if you do not like and swipe to the right if you like fashion items, the products that you like will automatically go into “WantList”. This application will help you compare the products you like with other similar products with variety of options pricing and compare to your trademark (from the cheapest to the most expensive and luxurious), the application also automatically “tells” you if are there any discount or other notices about the fashion items on the “Your WantList”.

Users of this application can also track items being sought by other users “WantList”. The products that appear in the application, mostly from London, because the Styloko is indeed based in London. But right now, the WantList also have started sweeping the U.S. product. Unfortunately this app is only available for certain items like fashion dress, tops and jackets and new product coverage will expand over time to the next.

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