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TITLE: Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus TV Ad Duo YouTube

This Food and buah forEnhancer Blood Of Pregnant Women

This Food Enhancer Blood Of Pregnant Women
This Food and buah forEnhancer Blood Of Pregnant Women

Public health – To maintain the health of another companion diseases because pregnant women are more prone to have anemia, then pregnant women consume nharus foods-

foods and buah that make the addition of blood for pregnant women.

Food to supplement the blood of pregnant women referred to is the food has enough nutrients to the mother and her baby,. Nutrients to supplement the blood of pregnant women who simply refers to the components of nutrition value of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional advice pregnant mothers blood Enhancer as a deterrent anemia is usually related to the needs of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Some of the advice of the food and kumpulan buah penambah darah yang baik untuk tubuh recommended for pregnant mothers blood booster such as:

Vegetables especially green leafy ones e.g. that consumed are spinach, and broccoli. Both of these vegetables are widely known is the foods that contain iron and folic acid can be supplement the blood of pregnant women.

Fruits, contain lots of good vitamins vitamin A, vitamin B, and viamin C, fruit that is often used as a recommendation is the fruit of banana, a banana which has iron and mineral deposits that could be blood Enhancer of pregnant women.

The meat, the menu is a simple and contain lots of iron. The content of iron in meat is more efficient and higher than from a vegetable source of iron can be blood Enhancer of pregnant women.

Dates, in some of the research is the last food that can increase the production of hemoglobin. The suggetion of consuming date palm 2 grains a day while pregnant, so food can be expected to supplement the blood of pregnant women.

Honey, contain iron which is good for pregnant mothers blood booster, honey can be combined with fruits so as to improve the health of pregnant women
Nuts, particularly almonds contain iron which can be blood Enhancer of pregnant women.

Orange, vitamin C can also increase the absorption of iron, including on the many oranges are recommended, so that iron is not wasted and absorbed well and became blood Enhancer of pregnant women.
Oatmeal, oatmeal and eat this now more and more consumed, in addition to the more accessible is also easily digested, oatmeal and havernmut contain minerals that are good for pregnant women.

packaging which directly connects the material

Prevent the breakdown of nutrients/food nutrition.

Maintain and ensure a level of health food.

Eases distribution/transport of foodstuffs.

Support the development of fast food.

Add aesthetic value and sell groceries.
Packaging foodstuffs must satisfy several conditions or to be able to achieve the goal of packaging it, namely:

Pengemasnya material must meet certain requirements.
A method or technique of packaging foodstuffs to be precise.
The pattern of distribution and storage product packaging results should be good desain kemasan produk dengan coreldraw x4.
packaging which directly connects the material
Materials Pack
The ingredients down either metallic materials, as well as other materials such as plastic, glass, various paper and cardboard should have 6 main functions; IE:
a. as a protector against dirt and contamination.
b. as a protector against physical damage, change of moisture content and shines (light).
c. functions are good, efficient and economical especially during the process of placing ingredients into container packaging.
d. Have ease in opening or closing and also facilitates in the stages of handling, transportation and distribution.
e. have the sizes, shapes and weights to suit existing stndart, easily disposed of, and is easily molded or printed.
f. Reveals identity, information and a clear appearance to help the promotion or sale.
With the large number of necessary requirements for the material down, then of course the ingredients down naturally will not be able to meet most of these requirements. Therefore the human with the help of technology managed to make the material down the synthetic can meet most of the requirements of the minimum required (Syarief,1989)
Packaging can be classified based on various things including: usage frequency, packing systems, the nature of the structure stiffness of materials down, the nature of the protection of the environment, and the level of readiness of wear (Iskandar,1987)

1. Frequency of usage;
a. disposable Packaging (disposable), i.e. direct packaging discarded after used (candy wrap, wrap the leaves)
b. packaging that can be used repeatedly (multi trip), the packaging is returned upon seller once used (several types of bottle)
c. Packaging which are not disposed of or returned (semi disposible), the packaging is often used for other purposes after having used (canned milk)
2. Structure of the system is shutting down;
a. the primary Packaging, i.e. packaging which directly connects the material (canned milk, bottled drinks, wrap tempe)
b. secondary packaging, i.e. packaging that its main function is to protect kemsan primer (in cardboard boxes, baskets of tempe)
c. tertiary Packaging, quarters, etc., i.e. in need of packaging after the primary and secondary packaging.
3. The nature of the stiffness of the material down;
a. Flexible Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down might easily without any cracked or broken plastic, paper, foil)
b. rigid Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down are hard, stiff, not stand lenturan (wood, glass, metal)

Managed to Move On from the rejection finally able to Achieve Success

In human life has always been faced with two options. Including in terms of reach for success in any field, humans are also given 2 options viz. failed or reached the success. The question is simply whether we want to or not to achieve that success.

Perhaps at first glance almost all of us a compact answer, want! But the next question, that willpower can truly we cover well or not.

Managed to Move On from the rejection finally able to Achieve Success

Here is the actual distinguishing who is successful and who fails. Those who fail are mostly not responsible with what dicita-citakannya. In contrast, those who ultimately succeed tend to be responsible in a way keep trying hard and unforgiving surrender despite many obstacles and failures that come your way.

Article: Oprah Winfrey, the struggle of A Host of Famous World

Related to the failure in the form of rejection, 5 figure this success proves that one eye’s view they get thus become milestones towards success is incredible. Following his review.
1. Milton Hershey

Maybe in Indonesia, the name Milton Hershey is simply not widely known. But if we are in the American Plains, especially North America, the name is already very familiar to be heard as a millionaire entrepreneur business chocolate and candy.

But it turns out that before being able to reap such a huge success, recipe chocolate works of Milton in fact ever been dumped by a chocolate company where he worked. But what is it? The painful rejection to reply to Milton by starting his own chocolate business. From there the savory chocolate slowly Milton started popping up to consumers can develop into one of the most successful chocolate brand in the world.
2. Michael Jordan

As one of the NBA basketball legend, who would have thought once Michael Jordan never experienced rejection few times. Since childhood, he was convinced that basketball was his way of life. But in fact the coach of the basketball team into place to practice does not agree with it.

By reason of the body did not match high expectations, though he did try as hard as possible he is still denied to enter the core team. Be he encouraged to prove that the decision was a very big mistake. And the proof, is now the name of Michael Jordan ever entered the Hall of Fame as evidence the results of her hard work over the years.
3. Walt Disney

Successful entrepreneurs originating from rejection is the next animator, Walt Disney World. The man with the high imajenasi power was considered poor creativity while working at a newspaper swata.

Even once the character Mickey Mouse is so phenomenal, once rejected by reason of showing the figure of a rat which many readers hated women. Amazingly, after removing all criticism and rejection, he started making his own works of animation and Mickey Mouse ever born as new Idol at the time.

Other articles: Walt Disney ~ father of animation and founder of Disneyland
4. Albert Einstein

Many are ordinary human beings generally thought that it would be difficult to understand the pattern of thought of a genius. This is a really experienced by one of the most meritorious scientists, Albert Einstein. While still young, he often got a cynical view of the foolishness and the fikirnya pattern is not at all acceptable by either the teacher or peer to peer.

However, he eventually was able to prove that a negative view of the disekelilingnya people not because he had an abnormality but rather it is grace from God. He successfully owned genius aktualisasikan in the form of the various findings of the formulas that still continue to be of benefit to mankind.
5. Stephen King

For those colleagues who are hobbies reading books especially the smell certainly know the name of the fictional Stephen King. Dubbed as one of the greatest artists in America, ternyatanya the works of Stephen King had rejected up to 30 times until he almost felt despair by removing all the paper into the trash.

Lucky at that time his wife attended as encouragement to continue working. And just in a filing to the 31st, is his first works received. After that the name Stephen King moving both known and continues to spawn the phenomenal work.

Read also: Bill Gates ~ co-founder of Microsoft, the largest software company in the world

If reviewed more deeply, actually many more successful figure who successfully initiated his career of a rejection.

Then what can be learned? Namely, that the failure or refusal is not the end of the struggle we achieve success. If colleagues are currently treading an effort and great failure, keep IE because it is not impossible that failure was the final step towards the gate of your success.

15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you

For a product, especially food or other retail goods, packaging or package is an important factor to make customers glance at your product. Especially if you are aiming for the market of children and adolescents, generally they are interested in trying a new product when it is accompanied by design stores, carts or eye-catching packaging.

The packaging is desain kemasan produk coklat also important to present these products clearly. Do not let you create packaging for juice but instead counted boxes of Kleenex, and vice versa. Sekreatif design, when any message you want to convey to the customer does not appear in the design, useless.
15 Unique and creative Packaging Designs to inspire you
To inspire you, here are a variety of unique packaging design, which is perhaps one of them can be used as an idea for your product.

Jooze Juice


The design is simple and typical, so it is easy to remember and draw attention. Jooze also include a straw color in accordance with the packaging in order to equip it.

Breakfast Aid

This breakfast box concept “first aid on a rumbling stomach”. Vintage, yet memorable design is easy to carry. In it already available complete one loaf with butter, jam, and his knife.



Ice cream is indeed a fondness for children. When added with packaging as funny as this, who’s not interested? They might be mengoleksinya.

ice cream cups

Wanted Snacks

Maybe potato chips in it have the same flavor, but with a packaging concept of “The Wanted” a la cowboy, they’ve got a great chance to win the attention of consumer!


Dino Gum

The packaging is designed such that permennya appears as a dinosaur tooth. More and more packed, increasingly toothless dino permennya him! (And so does your teeth!)


Not a battery …

Although a bit sidetracked, but bottles salt pepper & under this wonderful idea!

salt pepper

Hanger Tea

There is nothing as enjoyable as hot tea in the afternoon. Especially if You menyeduhnya of unique design resembling a clothes hanger. Even the tea pouches made such clothes!


Miniroll Tissue

In one roll of tissue, you will be reminded constantly by dates. Former packaging tube you can take advantage of to plant cacti. Exciting, right?


Good Day Bakery

Paper bag will never be boring if it happened like this.

paper bag

Nescafe Coffee Milk With Straw

In addition, packaging should also have more functionality. Like the packaging of Nescafe instant coffee. After the coffee being poured into a glass of hot water, and you can use the former packaging to suck up copies were produced. Slurrrp!


Panasonic Headphones

Advanced headphones from Panasonic is packaged in a symbol not of the music. To be unique and creative, it turns out the unneeded things complicated. Less is more!


Meat Shorts

Patterned pants meat from Weird Clothing is packaged as if a real meat, complete with styrofoam trays and plastic wrapping. You may be wrong thinking it was real flesh.


Anti-theft Lunch Bag

Don’t want your lunch stolen? Use plastic that trick! If you wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap, then it will look as though you’ve had lunch lunchbox rot. The thief will not be able to pick it up.


Chocolate Pills

Who likes taking medication? Of course almost all of them don’t like it. But, you will definitely love this drug. This chocolate is packed so that similar pills of the drug. This may be the only remedy that is always eaten every day!


Coconut Water

A product of nature, make it a true as possible. Even wrap the coconut water coconut shell with a real, if possible.

coconut water

It’s still an awful lot of creative packaging ideas out there. Well, have you found the ideal packaging for your product

The Spirit Of Sacrificing The Key Of Success

The writings of this time deals with the spirit of sacrificing due to adjacent to the feast of Eid al-Adha or feast of sacrifice. One of the sacrificial spirit of IE, appreciate the process of struggle for achieving results. This theme is suitable for we discussed because of all his business must have had some dreams can flourish. It’s just that, when we had a dream we often have complex problems in day to day business activities. Even unexpected, continued to hit the issue frustrating. Frustration then leads to an attitude of desperation and trauma to get back into the corporate world. Rather than want to dream venture could develop, even grief sorrow that comes along. If you want self evaluation, frustration that turned out to be much influenced by Instant mindset. We often hear in the media that people can get rich quick just by selling A, people can be successful only by selling the services of B, one could buy a luxury home just because 2.4 capital, and so on. Even some people interpret the raw and finally tempted by the lure of.

The Spirit Of Sacrificing The Key Of Success

The day of sacrifice in Islam is a historical memory of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim‘s journey, and his wife Siti Hajar in the arid hills of Faran. In the middle of a thirst that whack Siti Hajar must ran seven times between the hills of Safah and Marwah to finally receive a miracle appearance of Zamzam water. then when the teenage Ismail, Prophet Ibrahim must return mengahadapi heavy test. Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice Ishmael shall kill a patron for God. Although very heavy, Prophet Ibrahim remained obedient. Until finally God replace Ismail with sheep to sacrificed.
If you want to achieve success in the business world, we should follow the spirit of sacrifice. The spirit of sacrifice is not familiar with the term instant. When the spirit of sacrificing in the connect in the business world linked two phases; the first phase is the process of formation of the muscles (muscle), and the second is the phase of momentum. In the process of muscle muscle enterpreneur formed to become stronger to face the ordeal until it was time to grab some momentum i.e. success.
The spirit of sacrificing has become successful recipe from the founders of top companies of the world. Take for example, Toyota Motor Corporation before becoming a giant automotive, its founder Sakichi Toyodah just a poor loom maker. Since 1867, Sakichi was the son of a carpenter who lived in the middle of the Weaver family. He fought to create a weaving machine is more practical to help those around her. But he repeatedly failed, for 50 years it has undergone a phase of muscle, because in 1929 the new Toyodah managed to find a loom automatic system is perfect. In 1934, he went into the automotive industry and dozens of new year’s Eve grabbed the momentum of the success in the world. Even the three richest people in the IT field, drop out of the campus. The people that is, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Many people mengawatirkan the future they failed in the academic world.
Many more successful entrepreneurs ever slumped. Based on these experiences, the true business principle solicitor is running a marathon, not a Sprint or short term. The spirit of sacrifice as it prepared to sacrifice Ishmael-Ishmael” in themselves. What is it? There are tradeoffs like money, sacrifice, sacrifice energy to sharpen the mind, and sacrifice to build a network and others.
Remember, that the gold and diamonds thus makin sparkles when having beaten process is hard and long. So too with some success, in need of a long process. If you are hoping business can advance as quickly as Formula1 race car, we recommend that you soon forget that hope. If the problems in day to day business of whack, remember and reflect upon the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his family. Consider the problems that you experienced as a process of formation of the muscle. To persevere and be patient accompanied the spirit of sacrificing, certainly the momentum of success will come. Amin

How To Calculate The Seventh Execution Aqiqah

Aqiqah means slaughtering animals as a sign of gratitude over the birth of the child. Implementation time aqiqah is desirable on the day of his birth keutuh narrated in the Hadith Narrated Anha Buraidah Prophet ‘ of Shallallaahu ‘ Alaihi Wa ‘ Ala Alihi Wa Sallam said: How To Calculate The Seventh Execution Aqiqah Aqiqah was killed on the seventh day or the fourteenth day or the twenty-one ‘ (narrated by Saheeh isnaad Bayhaqi)
The scholars recommends that the distributed aqiqah meat so that have been cooked and not in raw state, because it adds to the good and thanks for favors calculate aqiqah day
How To Calculate The Day Of The Kutujuh
Malik-Allaah said: date of birth is not counted unless born before dawn (Fajr) of the night.
1. Baby born on Sunday the 5th 9 am, then the aqiqahnya held on Sunday next week. Because Sunday is the day of her birth are not counted, and Monday the 6th is counted as the first day of his birth.
2. Baby born on Monday night at 2 in the morning, then aqiqahnya was held on a Sunday. On Monday which is a calculated date of birth because she was born before the dawn (Fajr).
3. Babies born on Monday after dawn (Fajr), then aqiqahnya took place on Monday of next week. Monday is the day of his birth is not counted because he was born after the Fajr (Dawn).
It means killing the aqiqah goats on the seventh day as for cooking and eating it can be anytime then.
Ibnul-Allaah Al-Qayyim said: what is meant by these days (seventh day), is because of the day ‘ is the first level of the age that when a newborn has to include then moved to the second level is the month then year.