Glucola Gel and nano spray MCI’s latest products for skin care

PIG Glucola Gel MCI‘s latest products for skin care Face a maximum
After a successful product Glucola MCI and booming market nowadays, MCI launched its newest product which always understand and understand the needs of the current lifestyle on all women or men anywhere. With its newest innovation is the latest product from PT. PIG this time increasingly give You satisfaction in the practicality of facial skin careand are familiar and of course be Your expectations. Introducing PIG Glucola Gel MCI‘s latest products harga nano spray 3 terbaru asli.


Glucola Gel is the successor of Glucola MCI, with substances that are almost identical to the previous, apart of MCI Glucola contains ingredients which is great for skin benefits i.e. Gluthatione & Collagen, Glucola Gel also contains additional material and Filler Gel Cleanser. PIG Glucola Gel contains natural ingredients of MCI and natural which is certainly making the more effective to enlighten and nourish the skin. Content of Gluthatione in Glucola Gel makes skin brighter and enriched with Nano Collagen.

Glucola Gel and nano spray MCI's latest products for skin care

PIG Glucola Gel MCI


Nano Collagen is Collagen that has been solved with Nano technology up to 500 dalton thus making easily absorbed by the skin layers. And here is the benefit of PIG Glucola Gel MCI:


Help lift dirt on the skin efficiently
Help lifting dead skin cells
Mengenyalkan skin instantly
Disguise the wrinkles
Shrink skin pores
Fades black flecks
Fades to remove acne scars
Fades to remove eye pouch
And many more other good benefits for skin


How To Use:
Use sparingly on the skin of the face and body, rub with a circular motion for maximum results lifting dead skin and inserting Collagen and Gluthatione into the skin

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