How to build a home with low cost

build cheap houses is a good idea to know when things were about to makethe House so there happen swelling proper costs can be allocated to other activitiessuch as charity or donated to build the Mosque:-). the efforts of savings in building a House, starting from planning development and maintenance activities that eachstage of the House need to be made wake control budget plan the cost of the building so that the final result was obtained by the cost of construction of houses are cheap and efficient. Here are some things that can be done to save cost wake up the House.
How to build a home with low cost

Create a home design impressed there are extra fees that can be removed when itwanted to build a House, this could be true if the home is built of standard type akaor follow the example of the existing building, but at home that uses various forms ofarchitectural models adjust complex desire would be better if made in advance inhouse design matures. because the otak-atik form of the House yet to taste can do when the House is still in the form of an image that certainly will make an additional charge when there is a job unloading pairs when the design is yet to taste. by makingthe picture a good home can also be used as guidelines in calculating the budget planthe cost of the building (RAB) so can be estimated the total cost of building a House,with the presence of this data so it can be seen whether those costs already fitbudeget or too expensive so it could be reduced to a certain part of the House to be able to build cheap houses.

After done work planning home design with good then can proceed with the planning of the construction of working methods, for example a wall would be cheaper if you use brick making certain quality if compared using bricks, it was decided to use the brick material. things like this can save you the cost of building a home in the science of civil engineering known as Value Engineering. the structure of the home should also be calculated correctly so that it can be determined the dimensions of the structure and the type of material used can be obtained so that the powerful yet inexpensive structures as a way of building a House cheaply. in the implementation ofthe construction can be avoided things that can cause the use of waste materials such as mortar that is scattered or too much using cement above planning, here is the limitation of material and in order to avoid reduction of material from previousplanning may result in not because of the strength of the home or unable to survivelong that cause additional costs to repair the House.


The maintenance of the House also needs to be done properly so as to preventadditional charges that may arise due to damage to the building, such as a leaky roof tile if not immediately corrected it will cause damage to roof or frame plafond sorepair costs be doubled, another example of how to build cheap houses at the time oftreatment is to do a painting in the field of building materials are not resistant toweather such as iron fence home build home, congratulations:-)

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