How To Calculate The Seventh Execution Aqiqah

Aqiqah means slaughtering animals as a sign of gratitude over the birth of the child. Implementation time aqiqah is desirable on the day of his birth keutuh narrated in the Hadith Narrated Anha Buraidah Prophet ‘ of Shallallaahu ‘ Alaihi Wa ‘ Ala Alihi Wa Sallam said: How To Calculate The Seventh Execution Aqiqah Aqiqah was killed on the seventh day or the fourteenth day or the twenty-one ‘ (narrated by Saheeh isnaad Bayhaqi)
The scholars recommends that the distributed aqiqah meat so that have been cooked and not in raw state, because it adds to the good and thanks for favors calculate aqiqah day
How To Calculate The Day Of The Kutujuh
Malik-Allaah said: date of birth is not counted unless born before dawn (Fajr) of the night.
1. Baby born on Sunday the 5th 9 am, then the aqiqahnya held on Sunday next week. Because Sunday is the day of her birth are not counted, and Monday the 6th is counted as the first day of his birth.
2. Baby born on Monday night at 2 in the morning, then aqiqahnya was held on a Sunday. On Monday which is a calculated date of birth because she was born before the dawn (Fajr).
3. Babies born on Monday after dawn (Fajr), then aqiqahnya took place on Monday of next week. Monday is the day of his birth is not counted because he was born after the Fajr (Dawn).
It means killing the aqiqah goats on the seventh day as for cooking and eating it can be anytime then.
Ibnul-Allaah Al-Qayyim said: what is meant by these days (seventh day), is because of the day ‘ is the first level of the age that when a newborn has to include then moved to the second level is the month then year.

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