Know The Terms On The Label Food Packaging

Labels on food packaging is not just a decoration for the packaging of the product. Labels on food packaging serves to provide nutrition information contained in those products. Moreover, lately Indonesia started a lot of imported goods include beverages and also food in packaging. That’s why it is important for consumers to be more meticulous in checking food labels. Who knows in the food products contained ingredients that we should avoid.
Know The Terms On The Label Food Packaging

The large number of imported products mainly supply food and drinks in supermarkets often make consumers off guard. Whereas in the import of food products is highly prone to all foods contain ingredients that are not good in terms of health or kehalalannya. Therefore, it is important for you to know the terms in food labels.
The Meaning Of The Term On Labels Food Packaging
Anyone who thinks that a brief description or information given by the manufacturer behind the labels turned out to help the consumers to recognize products that they buy. However, whatever the meaning of the term in the packaging label? The following are the terms that you can identify in food packaging.
Ingredient List
This sentence means about the list of ingredients contained bhan in food. The order of the mention of the substances contained in the food starts from the substance amount at most. However if you look fat, sugar or salt at the beginning of the list of content, it means that the food does not contain lots of nutrients.
It means that the food is made from vegetables, not from the animal. However, that does not mean the food is fat-free or low-fat. For example, vegetable oil, this one is indeed good for heart health but will still contain calories of fat.
Low In Fat
It means that the food contains less than three grams of fat per their. So, a little to the abundance of fat that goes into the body depends on many or whether the amount of food you consume.
Reduced Calorie
This means that this product contains only half the amount of calories of regular products.
Does it mean that the product is much lighter in taste, color, or texture. Even so, not necessarily calorie and fat levels are also low.
No Sugar Added or Unsweetened
This means that the packaging of foods contain no granulated sugar. The possibility that food products using natural sugars like fresh fruit juice mixed with water. Diabetics should keep this labeled food servings.
Source of Fibre Diatery
Does not mean the food is filled with natural fibers. It’s just that most do not contain two grams of fiber per dish. This writing is usually contained on the label packaging of fresh bread. However, if you find the word enriched wheat flour and unbleached, that means that the bread is made from flour that is not fibrous.
Low Sodium
It means that the levels of salts only half of the regular. Not given extra salt on the food.
Those terms can you see on the outside of the food packaging. Telitilah first before you cite those terms on the packaging of products you use. Karilyn salam success!

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