Nano Spray 2: price & Specifications

After yesterday’s done Saturday Launching Nano Spray 2 at JDC, Jakarta. So starting today the Nano Spray 2 is already available at the Stockists and can do reservation
Nano Spray 2  price & Specifications
Excess Nano Spray 2 1st generation compared are:
The shape of the more stylish and elegant
Use the charger such as HP, so it can be repeated recarge
Greater water capacity
Power spray is more toned
The price of the Nano Spray 2
Nano Spray 2 can not be purchased separately with the Magic Stick and dibandrol at a price of USD 2,400,000
But for those of you who have visited my website, I am providing a Nano Spray 2 sold separately. So you can buy a tool without his nano with magic stick with a price of Usd 1.8 million.
Good News!! Start this day nano spray 2 can be purchased separately at a price of Rp. 1.700.00 and if you want to buy in a package with the Magic Stick, you can simply spend money amounting to Rp. 2,400,000 (already Discontinued)
Now comes the Magic Stick ver 2. Package Nano spray ver 2 and Magic Stick ver 2 is Rp. 2,500,000
Economical Package List:
3rd Glucola Box + Nano USD 2.95 million
Nano spray v2 + v2 + Magic Stick 1 Box Glucola 2.9 million USD.
Nano spray v2 + 1 Box Glucola USD 2.1 million
Beauty Magic Stick generation 2 designed with special features 5 advantages:
Rock the germanium beauty magic stick ver. 2 more than ver. 1
Have an extra stone i.e. accupresure for emphasis on acupuncture points for relaxation and health
Designed with lighter weight than the first as well as slimmer
• If ver. 1 whole round the handle then the ver. 2 oval has a handle so much he kept handy
Better Quality roller so that the rotation of the stone became more maximum germanium
Improve Firmness and facial beauty with Acupressure points
But for those of you who buy a nano spray 2 separately then you can’t get your point reward for free streets to overseas as well as pension funds in case of sales packages in your group or private sale. Warranty you get for Nano Spray 2 this is a 1 year old (3 months warranty engine/spare parts/battery + 9 months warranty service).

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