packaging which directly connects the material

Prevent the breakdown of nutrients/food nutrition.

Maintain and ensure a level of health food.

Eases distribution/transport of foodstuffs.

Support the development of fast food.

Add aesthetic value and sell groceries.
Packaging foodstuffs must satisfy several conditions or to be able to achieve the goal of packaging it, namely:

Pengemasnya material must meet certain requirements.
A method or technique of packaging foodstuffs to be precise.
The pattern of distribution and storage product packaging results should be good desain kemasan produk dengan coreldraw x4.
packaging which directly connects the material
Materials Pack
The ingredients down either metallic materials, as well as other materials such as plastic, glass, various paper and cardboard should have 6 main functions; IE:
a. as a protector against dirt and contamination.
b. as a protector against physical damage, change of moisture content and shines (light).
c. functions are good, efficient and economical especially during the process of placing ingredients into container packaging.
d. Have ease in opening or closing and also facilitates in the stages of handling, transportation and distribution.
e. have the sizes, shapes and weights to suit existing stndart, easily disposed of, and is easily molded or printed.
f. Reveals identity, information and a clear appearance to help the promotion or sale.
With the large number of necessary requirements for the material down, then of course the ingredients down naturally will not be able to meet most of these requirements. Therefore the human with the help of technology managed to make the material down the synthetic can meet most of the requirements of the minimum required (Syarief,1989)
Packaging can be classified based on various things including: usage frequency, packing systems, the nature of the structure stiffness of materials down, the nature of the protection of the environment, and the level of readiness of wear (Iskandar,1987)

1. Frequency of usage;
a. disposable Packaging (disposable), i.e. direct packaging discarded after used (candy wrap, wrap the leaves)
b. packaging that can be used repeatedly (multi trip), the packaging is returned upon seller once used (several types of bottle)
c. Packaging which are not disposed of or returned (semi disposible), the packaging is often used for other purposes after having used (canned milk)
2. Structure of the system is shutting down;
a. the primary Packaging, i.e. packaging which directly connects the material (canned milk, bottled drinks, wrap tempe)
b. secondary packaging, i.e. packaging that its main function is to protect kemsan primer (in cardboard boxes, baskets of tempe)
c. tertiary Packaging, quarters, etc., i.e. in need of packaging after the primary and secondary packaging.
3. The nature of the stiffness of the material down;
a. Flexible Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down might easily without any cracked or broken plastic, paper, foil)
b. rigid Packaging, i.e. when the ingredients down are hard, stiff, not stand lenturan (wood, glass, metal)

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