qurban aqiqah and law together

We as Muslims should adhere to understand the meaning and purpose of qurban aqiqah and we niatkan solely to worship to God Almighty. As for the notion of qurban aqiqah and only a few perbedaannnya, aqiqah is also the Act of sacrificing animals for sacrifices in go for ourselves as a symbol of the redemption of the soul towards our son or daughter who was born according to KH Sholikhin which we quoted aqiqah online surabaya.
Slaughtering of animals qurban
qurban aqiqah and law together
Still according to him qurban funded on the feast of Eid Al-adha or feast of qurban in the month of Zulhijjah and at peruntukkan for those who can afford to sacrificial. Aqiqah also as a means to educate our sons and daughters in order to be obedient and always remembering Allah, for parents is Thanksgiving to God‘s gift of sons and daughters who are always in longing.
Purpose and qurban aqiqah qurban Aqiqah and which one comes first?
Whether aqiqah and victims could be merged? is frequently cast in the Muslims who want to carry out simultaneous aqiqah and sacrifice in one’s intention. Due to various reasons such as only limited funds available, to save time, and various other reasons.
Indeed for aqiqah and qurban is not insignificant, must be examined and understood how the Shari’a in its legal or in the rules of islam. In this case there are two opinions about the aqiqah and sacrifice where it used to be or can be set to one. Here is a second opinion of scholars about the implementation and qurban aqiqah.
Could Unify between aqiqah and sacrifice. It is based on the opinions of scholars that is h. Hasan Basri, Sect Hanafy, Moh. Ibn Sirin and imam ahmad. By reason of objective aqiqah and qurban is the same, namely to hold ourselves to Allah by way of slaughtering sacrificial animals.
Not in allow. The scholars are agreed that between qurban aqiqah and shouldn’t be in unite include Shafi’i, Maliki arguing because aqiqah and qurban is two different worship in terms of legislation and its purpose.
So obviously that is qurban aqiqah and two kinds of different animal slaughtering purposes as aqiqah gratitude for the gift of the son of God Almighty. While the slaughter of sacrificial animals qurban on special days during the months of Hajj or the feast of Eid Al-adha.
Because the intention and purpose of the legislation, both worship different then, it must be run separately or in the same way that has been specified in each. After we as Muslims understand the purpose and qurban aqiqah may we always keep ourselves from the deeds of the tahawun that is considered paltry/trivial of all affairs in religion, Naudzubillah.

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