Romantic Travel Destinations

Romantic travel destinations are located around the world but be sure you make the correct choice and research your romantic travel destination. It is not only young couples in love or who are about to get married and going off on their honeymoon who are looking for romantic travel destinations. But there are also couples who have been together for a number of years and want to celebrate the time they have been together.

No longer is going some where romantic restricted to just those who are getting married or want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead you can choose a romantic vacation for any time of the year that you want.

In this article we take a look at a number of destinations that you and your partner may want to consider when trying to find somewhere a little bit more romantic.


Of course as soon as people think of a romantic destination they automatically think of Paris. Often referred to the city of romance because of its beautiful architecture and food however there are other locations within France which are just as beautiful and just as romantic and this includes Provence.


Located on the southern most coast of Croatia this city is fast becoming a romantic hotspot. Not only is the city beautiful that it may well take your breath away but it is the beauty of the buildings help to provide the romantic feel to the city.


This is a city where it seems to float above the water and has old cobbled streets where couples can walk hand in hand whilst enjoying the architecture around them. Plus for those who really want to add a little more romance in to their time in the city they should ensure that they take a trip on one of the gondolas.


If you are looking for somewhere a little more exotic in relation to romantic travel destinations then this may be the place for you and your partner. This island is only 36 square miles in size and still retains a lot of its old Caribbean charm compared to the more commercialized islands of Jamaica and Barbados. This island offers couples the chance to stay in converted plantation houses and even if you do finally decide to leave your room during your stay there are plenty of activities that a couple can partake of which will help them so see some of the natural beauty that the island has to offer.