safe is wearing a nano spray with cosmetics?

Since its appearance, Nano Spray technology becomes one of the beauty that is often talked about by everyone especially the women. Only with menyemprotkannya to the area of the face, then a variety of positive benefits you will get started from the loss of black flecks, the skin becomes firmer, free of acne and facial skin become smoother and moisturized. Moreover, with Indonesia’s hot weather conditions, Nano Spray felt much help give freshness in the face.
safe is wearing a nano spray with cosmetics

But actually how do I correct Spray Nano usage? Whether before using cosmetics or cosmetic before you use?

Dr. Lalita Drijono, Aramanila SpKK, Puam of dermatologist Clinic in Jakarta says, “the use of Nano Spray before and after cosmetic applications depend on the content of Nano Spay. If the Nano Spray using the oxygen content of the water, then spraying the Nano Spray before and after using cosmetics will not be a problem “.

Because the Nano Spray works with high-speed vibration frequency of 1 Mhz, where with a vibe as soon as it makes the water molecules become broke and past 700 nano-sized holes so that it can penetrate the pores of the skin easily and moisturize your skin.

But the assertive Dr. Nila, but if you use other ingredients besides Water of oxygen, it can damage your skin in the foreseeable future. Because the cosmetics you use also have different content. So when used simultaneously, then the substance should serve maintain health of facial skin and even can’t function optimally.

In addition, note also the distance of the spraying of Nano Spray. The distance is ideally 15 cm from your face in order not to get too wet.

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the dangers exposed to UV rays in sunlight can make to avoid the dull and dark. A health and beauty Institute released a list of foods that can make the skin look beautiful again after exposed to sun exposure.

In the quotation from, Super health and beauty Skin Diet suggest 5 foods that can restore the beauty of the skin less than a week. This food is not only useful to beautify upon you but also can lose weight naturally.

Here are 5 foods that Can restore the Beauty of the skin in no time.

1. Beta Carotene Cocktail

Beta Carotene Cocktail made of peppers, citrus, melon, Apricot and lettuce that mashed using a blender. Kosumsilah drink is 2-3 hours a day.
2. Cheery Berry Booster

Cheerry Berry Booster is fruit juice berry blue (blueberry), cherries, apples, and a little yogurt. Add a little ice cubes untum to make this drink more fresh.

3. Soup Spinach and lettuce

This dish is made from a mixture of spinach and lettuce. Add chicken and other veggies to load it more delicious.

4. Soup apples, almonds, green onions and celery

This soup is made from almonds that crushed then roasted in. Add the leeks and celery until smooth. Later tanmbahkan Apple juice and chicken. Chill for 30 minutes before consumption.


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