Smart idea of putting Kitchens in a simple minimalist house

With a simple, minimalist House, you have to be creative in regulating the placement and function of each room. For example is the kitchen. Though usually small, the kitchen plays an important role in the design of the House, because this is where nutritious and healthy food prepared for all family members. In addition, mothers spend enough time in the kitchen; so, the design should be as comfortable as possible, although the size is limited.

Smart idea of putting Kitchens in a simple minimalist house

Your perplexed to determine where the kitchen will be put on your simple minimalist house model? Who would have thought if the kitchen could be placed in a location that is sometimes not predictable? Well, here’s some inspiration for you:
Hidden Kitchen

The picture below comes from designers Bill Brockschmidt in an apartment located in New York City. The kitchen is located in a hidden location, i.e. in the entry hall, but is not directly visible from the living room. Yes, its owner using a folding door to hide the kitchen. Well, by putting a kitchen adjacent to the living room, home owners can open up the kitchen at the time of the banquet with a friend or partner.

The kitchen in the back door

The placement of the kitchen at the back door is often found on simple minimalist house type 36. Yes, the kitchen is directly adjacent to the backyard of the House. Owners can enjoy the fresh outdoors from the kitchen by using a transparent door. It’s just a large transparent door, as this is only recommended if your backyard is given sufficient enclosed guardrail.
The Kitchen As A Partition

In a simple minimalist House Home interior floor open-plan concept, the use of partitioning is minimal, so that probably turned the interior of the House remains broad impressed and not suffocating. Well, instead of using permanent restrictions, why not use a kitchen set as a partition? Thus, your kitchen can be a separation between the living room and family room. It’s just that, if you use a design like this, you should make sure the kitchen is always clean and tidy so as not to spoil the atmosphere of the home, especially when you receive guests.

The placement of the kitchen design intelligently simple minimalist House can make your home look different and available space can be utilized in maximum. Limited extents improperly restrict your creativity. Comfortable kitchen doesn’t have to be large. As long as you set the smart interiors, you can still design it as effectively as possible.

If you are in servie with bangun rumah cepat dan murah a public area, such as adjacent to the living room or family room, neatness and cleanliness became a key convenience in your kitchen. Make sure there is not much cooking utensils are suspended. Use shelves or kitchen set with enough storage space. Well, happy coding in a simple minimalist house you!

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