The Spirit Of Sacrificing The Key Of Success

The writings of this time deals with the spirit of sacrificing due to adjacent to the feast of Eid al-Adha or feast of sacrifice. One of the sacrificial spirit of IE, appreciate the process of struggle for achieving results. This theme is suitable for we discussed because of all his business must have had some dreams can flourish. It’s just that, when we had a dream we often have complex problems in day to day business activities. Even unexpected, continued to hit the issue frustrating. Frustration then leads to an attitude of desperation and trauma to get back into the corporate world. Rather than want to dream venture could develop, even grief sorrow that comes along. If you want self evaluation, frustration that turned out to be much influenced by Instant mindset. We often hear in the media that people can get rich quick just by selling A, people can be successful only by selling the services of B, one could buy a luxury home just because 2.4 capital, and so on. Even some people interpret the raw and finally tempted by the lure of.

The Spirit Of Sacrificing The Key Of Success

The day of sacrifice in Islam is a historical memory of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim‘s journey, and his wife Siti Hajar in the arid hills of Faran. In the middle of a thirst that whack Siti Hajar must ran seven times between the hills of Safah and Marwah to finally receive a miracle appearance of Zamzam water. then when the teenage Ismail, Prophet Ibrahim must return mengahadapi heavy test. Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice Ishmael shall kill a patron for God. Although very heavy, Prophet Ibrahim remained obedient. Until finally God replace Ismail with sheep to sacrificed.
If you want to achieve success in the business world, we should follow the spirit of sacrifice. The spirit of sacrifice is not familiar with the term instant. When the spirit of sacrificing in the connect in the business world linked two phases; the first phase is the process of formation of the muscles (muscle), and the second is the phase of momentum. In the process of muscle muscle enterpreneur formed to become stronger to face the ordeal until it was time to grab some momentum i.e. success.
The spirit of sacrificing has become successful recipe from the founders of top companies of the world. Take for example, Toyota Motor Corporation before becoming a giant automotive, its founder Sakichi Toyodah just a poor loom maker. Since 1867, Sakichi was the son of a carpenter who lived in the middle of the Weaver family. He fought to create a weaving machine is more practical to help those around her. But he repeatedly failed, for 50 years it has undergone a phase of muscle, because in 1929 the new Toyodah managed to find a loom automatic system is perfect. In 1934, he went into the automotive industry and dozens of new year’s Eve grabbed the momentum of the success in the world. Even the three richest people in the IT field, drop out of the campus. The people that is, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Many people mengawatirkan the future they failed in the academic world.
Many more successful entrepreneurs ever slumped. Based on these experiences, the true business principle solicitor is running a marathon, not a Sprint or short term. The spirit of sacrifice as it prepared to sacrifice Ishmael-Ishmael” in themselves. What is it? There are tradeoffs like money, sacrifice, sacrifice energy to sharpen the mind, and sacrifice to build a network and others.
Remember, that the gold and diamonds thus makin sparkles when having beaten process is hard and long. So too with some success, in need of a long process. If you are hoping business can advance as quickly as Formula1 race car, we recommend that you soon forget that hope. If the problems in day to day business of whack, remember and reflect upon the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his family. Consider the problems that you experienced as a process of formation of the muscle. To persevere and be patient accompanied the spirit of sacrificing, certainly the momentum of success will come. Amin

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