Top Travel Destinations

Booking a dream holiday is an exciting time but if you’re traveling to Europe what are the top travel destinations in Europe to visit? There are so many travel destinations in Europe to visit and so many reasons to travel its hard to know which the best places to visit are.

Pompeii, Naples

Naples is a wonderful bustling city in Italy, yet not far from Naples lays the ruined Roman city of Pompeii that saw disaster when a volcano erupted and covered the city. Today a lot of the city has been unearthed and makes for an awe inspiring sight as you wander through Roman roads and see the ruined city in all its glory.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

One of the oldest cities in Europe, even older than Rome and Constantinople, Plovdiv is an amazing city to visit. At every turn while in the city you will come face to face with Roman relics of the past, there is even a Roman theatre seating thousands and a buried Roman Amphitheatre.

Plovdiv is also well known for its great restaurants, bars and shopping that will keep you very busy.

Bremen, Germany

This great city is rich in history and a great place for shopping too. If you enjoy a mix of history, architecture and great shopping and eat experiences then Bremen is certainly the place to visit. You can see the huge St. Peters cathedral then wander down the medieval roads of the Schnoor or sample the delights of the market.

Venice, Italy

The city of love and romance, Venice has been bringing passion to people’s lives for hundreds of years. There is something special about the fact that this city has no roads and relies on the gondolas of the river for transport. Venice is also home to some great Italian restaurants and bars.


Why visit the same old places for a city break, there are so many great places to visit that you may never have thought of traveling too. The four destinations above are just a small number of the top travel destinations in Europe that you can sample on your travels.