Unique Product Brand Tagline Is Getting A Revival

the tagline Connecting People necessarily been quite familiar in the ears of society Indonesia. Even when we heard the tagline Connecting People, the first thing that comes to mind is a mobile phone brand Nokia.

Unique Product Brand Tagline Is Getting A Revival

Without we realize, the existence of the product tagline indeed became one of the marketing tools that could motivate prospective customers to support brand products that we market. Typically, the tagline is created in the form of slogans or phrases that appear in the form of visual or verbal.


However, as market makers, of course we could not determine random tagline of a product. This is because a good tagline should be directly known to potential customers and able to represent the importance of these products for their potential customers.


Hence, how to create unique tagline so that brand or brand products we are getting a revival?


Check out some of the important points that we need to consider when creating a tagline for your kemasan makanan surabaya.


First, before you create the product tagline, understand beforehand who your audience is. This is important so that the message you make the product tagline could be received and well understood by your prospect. For example just like the Adidas brand was aiming for young people as a target market prefer the tagline “Impossible is Nothing” to describe their products production.


Second, create a tagline that is able to excite the emotions of the audience. Consciously or not, the audience more easily motivated by the product tagline is able to arouse their emotions. For the sentence that is emotionally able to describe the product brand being promoted more clearly. Just like for example the sentence “I’m lovin it” used as the tagline McDonalds.


Third, create a tagline is short and clear. Ideally the product tagline of no more than 10 words. The tagline for too long will only be difficult for the audience to remember it. Examples include the Panasonic tagline consisted of just three words, namely the Panasonic Ideas for Life” but quite attached to the diingatan audience.


Although the product tagline is a row of words that are not too long, but his role is very important to be able to embed Your product brand in the hearts of the customers. Use Your fresh ideas for creating a tagline, due to unique product brand tagline is getting a revival. Salam success!


Jabat KabanJabat Kaban, ST


Jabat Kaban, ST


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